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Durban (26 November 2010)
Cape Town (29 November 2010)
Johannesburg (2 & 3 Dec. 2010)
IRP 2010: Electricity 08 October 2010
Executive Summary - Draft IRP 2010 22 October 2010
Medium Term Risk Mitigation Project Phase 1 08 October 2010
Archived Docs, Reports and Data Sheets
IRP Public Hearing: CAPE TOWN: 29 November 2010

The Department Of Energy held the Cape Town IRP Public Review on 29 November 2010 at the BMW PAVILION CONFERENCE CENTRE. Below a table of programme and presentations given by various stakeholders and interested parties.

Program Version
     Programme for Cape Town   (220 KB) Version 1
Presentations Presenter
     DOE IRP2010 Presentation at the Public Hearing    (1,340 KB) Department of Energy
     AE-AMD: Public Hearing IRP 2010   (181 KB) AE-AMD
     AATec: Public Consultation 20 year Integrated Resource Plan (Electricity)   (908 KB) AATec
     Cape Chamber of Commerce Comment on IRP 2010    (1,351 KB) Cape Chamber of Commerce
     CITY OF CAPE TOWN: Integrated Resource Plan, 2010Public Hearings Input    (634 KB) City of Cape Town
     GREENCAPE: Public comments on the IRP2010    (580 KB) GREENCAPE
     GESTAMP SOLAR: Comment on the IRP2010 - Cape Town    (1,407 KB) GESTAMP SOLAR
     Idasa:Submission to public hearing - Cape Town    (506 KB) IDASA
     KOEBERG ALERT ALLIANCE: Draft Report    (1,015 KB) K.A.A.
     Orbital Renewable Energy renamed MyPowerStation: Comments on IRP2010    (67 KB) MyPowerStation
     Energy Institute Cape Peninsula University of Technology: IRP2010 – a contribution    (130 KB) Energy Institute CP.U.T.
     Project 90 by 2030: IRP2010 –Leading us to a sustainable electricity future?    (592 KB) Project 90 by 2030
     SACC: Clean Energy for a Healthy Nation    (762 KB) SACC
     Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute Presentation    (1,640KB) SAFCEI
     SANVAL ENERGY: Response to draft IRP2010    (575 KB) SANVAL ENERGY
     SAPVIA: Presentation of the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association    (924 KB) SAPVIA
     SCATEC: Photovoltaic Solar Energy in South Africa    (1,448 KB) SCATEC Solar
     SEA (Sustainable Energy Africa): Comments on the IRP2rev2    (454 KB) SEA
     SIEMENS: South Africa IRP2010 Comments    (679 KB) SIEMENS
     Swartland Solar ParkIRP 2010-29thNovember 2010    (1,309 KB) Swartland Solar Park
     UCT: Effects of load forecast, rural electrification and interruption costs on IRP 2010    (76 KB) UCT
     WARTSILA: Change happens – Stay in control    (1,699 KB) WARTSILA
     WORCESTER BUSINESS FORUM: Breede Valley's Economy of Tomorrow.    (1,438 KB) Worcester Business Forum


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