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In South Africa the energy industry is the biggest contributor to Greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), and the country is rated amongst the top 20 emitters in the world. On a global scale, the country’s contribution to GHG is relatively small, accounting for about 2% of total emissions. Although the majority of the world’s GHG emissions are emitted by industrialized countries, there is a growing pressure for developing countries, of which South Africa is one and should start acknowledging and taking responsibility of its emissions. The Department of Energy recognizes its role in addressing climate change as the majority of GHG from the energy sector either directly or in directly.

The appropriate energy sector actions to address the climate change challenges are determined by a range of factors. These include the need to mitigate emissions while meeting the objectives of energy security and diversification of energy supply. The country also has to maintain its focus on energy poverty and continue its success in improving household access to energy and electricity.

The Department of Energy through the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Climate Change has taken a lead in coordinating issues pertaining to energy in preparation of COP 17 to be held from 28 November to 09 December 2011 in Durban.

The Inter-Ministerial Committee on Climate Change constituting of all relevant Departments has been established to oversee both the logistics and substantive content issues of our hosting, and at operational level two technical working sub-committees have been formed to look at logistics and substantive content, respectively.

The Department of Energy has established the internal, external Energy Sector Steering and Sub-committees (logistics, finance, substance and communications). The committees provide inputs and guidance on energy related matters. The committees are also responsible for identifying and securing funds for COP 17/CMP7 energy demonstration projects and side events.

The committees have developed an energy sector work plan, compiled the energy sector themes for COP 17/CMP7 side events,flagship and demonstration projects. The Minister will be requested to approve the shortlisted projects after having being finalised by the committees.






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