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The Department is implementing this initiative in partnership with the following stakeholders:
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National Nuclear Regulation National Energy Regulator
Research and Development  
Nuclear Energy Corporation
of South Africa
Central Energy Fund Goup
  The Petroleum, Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa Sanedi
  Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Tshwane University of Technology Tut)
  Women in Oil and Energy South Africa Women in Nuclear
  Sasol Fuse Consulting
  UWESO Consulting TechnoGirl
  South African Young Nuclear Professionals (SAYNPS)  
energy sources
Petroleum: fuel price, focus areas, domestic influences...
Natural Gas: Governance, International agreements, developments...
Electricity: Independent power producers, supply industry, free basic electricity...
Coal: Reserves, production, carbon sequestration...
Renewable & Alternative Fuels: Includes hydropower, solar, wind, biomass...
Nuclear: Non-proliferation, safety, technolgy, IYNC, WiNSA...
acts & legislations
Policies and Legislation: Acts, policies, regulations, legislations...
programmes & projects
national electricity plan...
installation of 1 million solar water heaters by
processes, systems and structures...
DNA: Kyoto Protocol, CDM...