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national biogas platform

The National Biogas Platform was established as a key resolution of the 2013 National Biogas Conference. It is a collaboration between the public and private sectors supported by the German government.

The main aims of the National Biogas Platform are:

  • To address the lessons learned from the existing biogas projects;
  • To assess current and future regulatory requirements in order to make the regulations proactive and conducive for the development of the industry; and
  • To reveal and bundle the financing options for the biogas projects in order to lift up the industry.

How does it work?

The GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft fÜr Internationale Zusammenarbeit) was appointed to facilitate and coordinate the National Biogas Platform, under the South African Germany Energy Programme (SAGEN). Figure 1 below shows an organogram which explains what SAGEN is about.

Figure1: SAGEN organogram, (GiZ, 2013)


Participants of the platform comprise government departments, state owned companies, universities and research institutions. This is a temporary institution with no legal status other than volunteers who are willing to assist government in unlocking the potential of the biogas sector. It is led by the Department of Energy in partnership with SABIA and GIZ. Figure 2 below indicates the members of the Biogas Platform.

Figure 2: the constellation of biogas platform, (GiZ, 2013)

Working groups

Three working groups that focus on information gathering, financing options and licensing and regulations for biogas projects were established.

Working group 1, (Information gathering): There is work in progress regarding the gathering of information on biogas activities.

Working group 2, (Licensing): This involves compilation of relevant licensing and permitting procedures in order to make it easier for users to understand the permitting and authorisation processes. Further, to enable policy makers to easily identify barriers and opportunities for improvements for accelerated service delivery. This exercise has been completed for biogas, landfill gas and biomass to energy activities please click on the below link and follow the prompts.

  • Sterile Documents

    The Department wishes to thank all the members of this working group who volunteered their time under the stewardship of Ms Louise-Mari Van Zyl from Cape EAPrac to complete this task. Disclaimer: While all effort has been made to make sure that the information is accurate as a guide, users are advised to also follow up with the relevant Departments to confirm latest information, requirements and procedures.

    Working group 3, (Financing): This involves compilation of information on financing options, including a summary of specific requirements by the financing institutions. If your organisation is involved in the financing of biogas activities, we would like to share your information. Please email the necessary information to Ms Sofja Giljova at sofja.giljova@giz.de.

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