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Liquid fuels

Regulations in respect of the Single Maximum National Retail Price for Illuminating Paraffin: December 2009, [PDF, 85 KB]

Regulations Regarding Petroleum Products Specifications And Standards. 23 June 2009. [PDF, 168KB]

Outcomes Energy Summit: 2007 [PDF, 452KB]

Guidelines governing the recommendations by the Department of Minerals and Energy to the International Trade Commission in respect of the importation and exportation of crude oil, petroleum products and blending components, [PDF, 93.2KB]

Petroleum Products Act, 1977: Regulations regarding Petroleum Products Wholesale Licences, [PDF, 917KB]

Petroleum Products Act, 1977: Regulations regarding Petroleum Site and Retail Licences, [PDF, 1.20MB]

Petroleum Products Act, 1977: Regulations regarding Petroleum Products Manufacturing Licenses, [PDF, 936KB]

Petroleum Products Act (120/1977): Regulations Petroleum products specifications and standards, [PDF, 445KB]

Approved Draft Biofuels Industry Strategy  [HTML page]

Petroleum Products Licence Application numbers: 7 November 2006 [PDF, 1.40 MB]

Report of the Moerane Investigating Team to the Minister of Minerals and Energy on the December 2005 Fuel Shortages [PDF, 85.9 KB]

Charter for the South African petroleum and liquid fuels industry: empowering historically disadvantaged South Africans [PDF, 45.2KB]

Digest of South African energy statistics 2005 [PDF, 2.19MB]. Covers statistics from 1992 to 2002. For further information contact Philip Goyns or Robert Kwinda.

Statistics for later years are being compiled.

South African national energy database: prices of various fuel carriers e.g. petroleum, coal, crude oil, gas and electricity (May 2002) [PDF, 1.35MB].

The report for later years is being compiled.

Working rules to administer the basic fuels price methodology, 2 April 2003 [PDF, 31.2KB]

Annexure A [PDF, 398KB]

Annexure B [PDF, 75.8KB]

Administration of the 95 unleaded petrol inland demand side management levy (DSML). Effective: 4 January 2006 [PDF, 20KB]

Memorandum of Understanding between the DME and the South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) [PDF, 152KB]

Key to the different petrol price zones [demand side management levy - DSML] [PDF, 98.9KB]

See also energy planning and development above for annual aggregate energy statistics


Legislation pertaining to liquid fuels

Regulations R 1100 dated 2 June 1986, [PDF, 628KB]

Regulations in terms of the Petroleum Pipelines Act (Act 60 of 2003) , [PDF, 1.10MB]

Petroleum Products Act 120 of 1977, [PDF, 49.2 KB}

The White Paper on Energy Policy (1998) [PDF, 592KB]

National Energy Regulator Act, 2004 - developed to establish a single regulator to regulate the electricity, piped-gas and petroleum pipeline industries; and to provide for matters connected therewith [PDF, 73.6KB]

Petroleum Products Act 1977: regulations regarding petroleum products manufacturing licences [PDF, 3.1MB]

Petroleum Products Amendment Act, 2003 (Act 58 of 2003)  [PDF, 1.09MB]

Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act 2002, Act 28 of 2002. Government gazette no. 23922 (10 October 2002) [PDF, 172KB]

Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act 2002, Act 28 of 2002: mineral and petroleum resources development regulations. Government gazette no. 26275 (23 April 2004) [PDF, 2MB]

See also Acts Online

Petroleum Pipelines Levies Act, 2004 (Act 28 of 2004) [PDF, 43.8KB]

Central Energy Fund Amendment Act 1994, Act 48 of 1994 [PDF, 34.6KB]

See also the page on : South African fuel prices.

Breakdown of petrol, diesel and paraffin prices as at 06 June 2007

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