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wind energy awareness campaign


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December 2011


South Africa’s Minister of Energy, Dipuo Peters together with Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Building, Martin Lidegaard today (8 December 2011) launched the South African Wind Energy Awareness Campaign: Powered by Wind, the country’s first campaign focused on creating all-important awareness around wind energy and its benefits on a local environmental and economic level.

Officially introduced at the Climate Change Response (CCR) Expo at COP17 in Durban, Kwazulu/Natal, the campaign, which will kick off in the beginning of 2012, was conceptualised and initiated following an agreement between Minister Peters and Danish Ambassador to South Africa, Dan E. Frederiksen at The Second Annual Wind Seminar, held in September 2010.

“The SA Wind Awareness Campaign undoubtedly represents the hard work and partnership of the teams at the Department of Energy and the Danish Embassy in creating a vehicle that adequately and effectively communicates the importance of wind energy,” comments Dan E. Frederiksen, Ambassador of the Embassy of Denmark to South Africa.

“SA has an abundance of wind and it should be harnessed and utilised; what way to better demonstrate its benefits than through a wind campaign to reaches the population in an exciting and informative manner.

The campaign
The SA Wind Energy Awareness Campaign: Powered by Wind will be rolled out in phases and focus on targeted groups comprising various segments of SA society. The target groups are: Civil Servants; Business; Local Communities in Western, Northern and Eastern Cape; and Primary School Children (Grades 4-6) in the three provinces and NGOs.

The objectives of the campaign is to create awareness around wind as resource of renewable energy within the country; it positive economic and job creation implications as well as dispelling myths and common misperceptions.

At the helm of the campaign will be two uniquely created characters: Mr Windy and Mrs Coal who will demonstrate to South Africans how wind and coal can work together to create energy for current and future generations.

In order to maximise awareness in each group, specific materials and elements have been developed. For example, for primary school children, comprehensive workbooks have been created by a team of experts. It will also be available in electronic format and will coincide with children-friendly cartoons.

Business will receive fact folders which will contain short, concise facts on how wind energy will benefit business and the SA economy. An animation, adult-focused clip - starring Mr Windy and Mrs Cole - has also been developed and is available for viewing on a dedicated Youtube channel.

All the target group campaigns will be supported by public relations and marketing efforts and will through electronic, print and social media communicate the message of the SA Wind Awareness Campaign: Powered by Wind.  

Notes to editors:

Issued by: At Vogue Communications Agency For: Embassy of Denmark to South Africa Contact: Sasha Endemann at 082 805 6302 or

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