What We Do
Vision and Mission
Deputy Minister
Director General
State Owned Enterprises

Chief Financial Officer

Ms Yvonne Chetty

The purpose is to provide financial administrative support to the Department.

Tel: 012 406 7641
eMail: Yvonne.Chetty@dmre.gov.za

Branch: Corporate Services

DDG: Ms Hilda Mhlongo

Purpose: To provide support services to the department to fulfil its mandate and achieve its strategic objectives.

Tel: 012 406 7482
eMail: Hilda.Mhlongo@dmre.gov.za

Branch: Mine, Health and Safety Inspectorate
Chief Inspector of Mines

DDG: Mr. David Msiza

To execute the departmentís mandate to safeguard the health and safety of mine employees, nearby communities and people affected by mining activities.

Tel: 012 444 3100
eMail: David.Msiza@dmre.gov.za

Branch: Mineral and Petroleum Regulation

DDG: Mr Tseliso Maqubela

To regulate the mining, minerals and petroleum industry.

Tel: 012 444 3977
eMail: Tseliso.Maqubela@dmre.gov.za

Branch: Mineral Policy and Promotions

DDG: Ms. Buyisiwe Faith Ntokozo Ngcwabe

To develop integrated minerals and energy policies to promote transformation, investment and sustainable development in the mining and energy sectors.

Tel: 012 444 3100
eMail: Ntokozo.Ngcwabe@dmre.gov.za

Branch: Nuclear Energy

DDG: Mr Zizamele Mbambo

To manage the South African nuclear energy industry and control nuclear material in terms of international obligations, nuclear legislation and policies to ensure the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Tel: 012 444 3852
eMail: Zizamele.Mbambo@dmre.gov.za

Branch: Programmes and Projects

DDG: Mr Thabo Kekana

To Manage, Coordinate and Monitor Energy and Minerals Programmes and Projects.

Tel: 012 444 3000
eMail: Thabo.Kekana@dmre.gov.za

Branch: Compliance and Enforcement

Adv Mmadikeledi Moloto

Tel: 012 444 3977
eMail: Mmadikeledi.Moloto@dmre.gov.za

Energy Sources
Petroleum: fuel price, focus areas, domestic influences...
Natural Gas: Governance, International agreements, developments...
Electricity: Independent power producers, supply industry, free basic electricity...
Coal: Reserves, production, carbon sequestration...
Renewable & Alternative Fuels: Includes hydropower, solar, wind, biomass...
Nuclear: Non-proliferation, safety, technolgy, IYNC, WiNSA...
Acts & Legislations
Policies and Legislation: Acts, policies, regulations, legislations...
Programmes & Projects
national electricity plan...
installation of 1 million solar water heaters by
processes, systems and structures...
DNA: Kyoto Protocol, CDM...