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Women in Nuclear South Africa (WINSA) was officially launched at a workshop hosted by Susan Shabangu, the former Deputy Minister of Minerals and Energy, in August 2003.

The workshop brought together more than 140 women from a wide spectrum of backgrounds to deliberate on the challenges facing women in nuclear fields, the opportunities available to these women and the mechanisms for maximising such opportunities.

As an organisation, WINSA aims to gather and disseminate information at national, regional and global levels. WINSA also targets organisations and institutions in South Africa that pursue objectives similar or complementary to those of WINSA.
To be the leading organisation promoting the participation of women in South Africa in the various nuclear related fields and supporting them to realise their full potential in those fields.
to promote meaningful participation of women in the fields of nuclear technology, safety and non-proliferation by:

Creating a national forum and network for women in these fields enabling them to meet regularly to exchange ideas and experience towards advancing the role of women in respective nuclear-related fields;
Promoting broad-based understanding of the fields of nuclear technology, safety and non-proliferation through targeted interventions, including public information programmes; and
Interaction with all relevant stakeholders to foster an environment conducive to advancing the empowerment of women in the relevant fields.
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South Africa is known as a country of diversity and culture. The hands holding the atom symbolise the multiracial society we live in. To demystify the fears and concerns around nuclear energy, we have used the image of two hands to symbolise that anything that can be held can be used peacefully.
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