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Regulations in Respect of The Single Maximum National Retail Price tor Illuminating Paraffin [PDF File]
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Magisterial District Zones [PDF File]
Annexure A: Basic Fuel Price Working Rules [PDF File]


Energy Sources
Petroleum: fuel price, focus areas, domestic influences...
Natural Gas: Governance, International agreements, developments...
Electricity: Independent power producers, supply industry, free basic electricity...
Coal: Reserves, production, carbon sequestration...
Renewable & Alternative Fuels: Includes hydropower, solar, wind, biomass...
Nuclear: Non-proliferation, safety, technolgy, IYNC, WiNSA...
Acts & Legislations
Policies and Legislation: Acts, policies, regulations, legislations...
Programmes & Projects
national electricity plan...
installation of 1 million solar water heaters by
processes, systems and structures...
DNA: Kyoto Protocol, CDM...