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Sasol is an integrated oil gas company with substantial chemical interests. In South Africa, these operations are supported by mining coal and converting it into synthetic fuels and chemicals through proprietary Fischer-Tropsch technology.

The company also has chemical manufacturing and marketing operations in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Its larger chemical portfolios include polymers, solvents, olefins and surfactants and their intermediates, waxes, phenolics and nitrogenous products.

The group explores for and produces crude oil in offshore Gabon, refines crude oil into liquid fuels in South Africa, and retails liquid fuels and lubricants through a growing network of Sasol Convenience Centres. Sasol also supplies Mozambique natural gas to customers and to its petrochemical plants in South Africa.

The company recently opened its first gas-to-liquids facility outside of South Africa at Doha in Qatar and is in talks with China regarding the possible establishment of coal-to-liquid plants in China.

Sasol's focus is on the manufacturing, refining and marketing of automotive and industrial fuels and oils, with a growing interest in gas. Its entry into hydrogen- and methane-rich gas production and exploration has extended into southern and West Africa.

In the industry, Sasol provides premium fuels and lubricants that meet or exceed stringent specifications. It also produces jet fuel, fuel alcohol and illuminating kerosene.

Sasol is a signatory of Responsible Care, a worldwide initiative that strives to improve performance in safety, health and the environment.
See the Sasol website for more information.
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